Mattress 1st by Serta®

Designed by Furniture First sleep specialists


What is Mattress 1st?

Mattress 1st products are only available from retailers who belong to the Furniture First purchasing cooperative. Members of the cooperative are locally-owned businesses across the United States. They work together to leverage our purchasing power with leading furniture and mattress manufacturers. This allows them to bring great values in high-quality home furnishings and bedding to customers in their communities. Mattress 1st was developed by Furniture First members to help them bring quality mattresses at lower prices to their communities. Their grass root efforts began in 2002 when a committee of twelve retailers met to outline their vision for the brand and dictate the standards of construction that would be followed. The lineup has evolved over the past decade and a half, incorporating new and innovative features along the way, but always with the same aim in mind: a quality bed at an affordable price.


Easy to understand mattress pricing

The names of the models mattresses starting price model Start with A (Ashford) and go to F (Fountain Hills). As you work your way through Alphabet the prices will go up! 


Motion Base Friendly

Power bases are a great item for health reasons such as sleep apnea, restless leg syndrome, and acid reflux to name a few but also great to sit up and read, laptop work, or watching tv. Now your bedroom is a versatile multi-use room!


Serta is made in New York State

Your new Mattress 1st Mattress by Serta is Made not just in the USA it is made in New York State!

Check out this great video on powerbases! 

Quality Standards


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Quality Guaranteed


Most Mattress 1st by Serta models feature a 10 year limited warranty

Top awarded


Serta is rated a consumers best buy


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