About Us

Furniture First

Quality Furniture

We are a proud Furniture First Member.  Through our buying group we offer top quality name brands with competitive prices! Stop into our store We would like to show you your next home furnishing purchase!

Family owned and operated

We are a proud locally family owned business and have been serving the North Country for over 30 years!

It all started out as Affordable Furniture

in 1989 Jack Pirofsky opened Affordable Furniture on Route 3 where Kinney Drugs is located now. It then moved to downtown location in which we went from what we are a Multi-brand store to a single brand store so in 2009 we opened Choice Furniture. We find it funny to look back at our past but happier for the future!

 We are glad to no longer be tied to one brand and offer our customers an amazing assortment and the quality brands money can buy. 

The biggest selection under one roof!

We have over 20,000 square feet of showroom which means we are the largest furniture store in Clinton, Essex , and Franklin counties in New York. 

Want to laugh? Check out some old advertisements we found in the archives!

These are not current prices but these are funny! Willy Pirofsky is in some as well. Please excuse the old Brand names we do not sell. 

An old advertisement NOT A CURRENT PROMOTION


An old advertisement

An old advertisement from Affordable Furniture 

Willy the Reporter

An old advertisement from Affordable Furniture from year 2000 

Beware of impostors always buy Genuine La-Z-Boy

An old advertisement from Affordable Furniture from year 2004