0% interest Financing Available and lease to own


TD Retail card services 

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Early buy out options and 12 months


No credit, Bad Credit, just need a short term loan? These guys are the best in the financing.  Lease to own, $40 down early buyout option of 100 days and it helps your credit! See Terms and Conditions

Conventional financing

Td retail card services

Td Retail card Services is our premier consumer credit lending company 

You can apply for a Home Inspiration credit card by TD Bank, N.A. in store or online. If approved, you will enjoy benefits such as managing your account online, special financing offers and a revolving line of credit with monthly payments. TD Bank, N.A. offers Deferred Interest if Paid in Full within 6, 12, or 24 month with minimum monthly payments. Also, No Interest for 36 or 60 months with Equal Payments is available with minimum purchase requirements and/or products.

Second chance Financing


No Credit? Bad Credit? Need just a short term loan?

West Creek financing offers our  furniture store and mattress customers a great LEASE TO OWN or an Early buy-out option if it can be repaid in 90-days. $40 is due on EACH LEASE only first payment due when you commit to buy!


In order to be considered you will need 4 things 

  1. a valid state issued identification  
  2. a checking account (had opened in your name for over 90 days), 
  3. a source of income exceeding $1000.00 / month  
  4. A debit card attached to the same account with $40.00 in the account 

West Creek is the one best in the business for this type of consumer financing Give it a try!

 The generous  lease to own plan to get the furniture you want by making equal payments totaling your purchase price plus a leasing charge of 2.05 times the purchase price. The payment is simply withdrawn from your checking account automatically based upon your paycheck pay period. The term of the lease is set by West Creek at 12 or 24 months depending upon the purchase price. There is also a same as cash feature which allows you to pay this off in 90 days with no lease charges. There is an initial fee of $40 due upon inception of the lease. You can apply in store or on line with West Creek Financial.